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See what patients have to say about their experience and one-on-one treatments

"Kershner Physical Therapy has resolved my chronic back pain. Through a short, targeted diagnostic it is amazing what Stu is able to see; joint misalignment, muscle avoidance, muscle deficiency, etc. The varied treatments provide immediate pain relief, especially the dry needling! Stu also provided doable home exercises that work to strengthen and relax my trouble areas. I highly recommend Kershner Physical Therapy and am confident that this is the answer to resolve chronic pain."

Amy S., Englewood, CO

"I came to Stu because I began training for a new half marathon.  The last half marathon I had trained for I developed and pushed through some pretty tough knee pain... after it was over and when I wasn’t running much I didn’t have much pain and it was managed by foam rolling. I know I had a slight leg length discrepancy but wasn’t exactly sure how it was affecting me.   I started ramping up training for another half marathon and I knew I needed to do something before the race this time. 

I met with Stu once and immediately felt a difference in my running. With each consecutive meeting we were better able to diagnose exactly what was happening every time I ran and how I could prevent the pain from occurring through stretches and exercises.  Stu isn’t satisfied with simply treating my pain but always helps me understand and gives me the tools to help prevent it in the first place!"

Kelly B., Centennial, CO

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